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Rotational wave velocity of protons

Melissa B. Blau 

University of Tübingen, Tübingen 72076, Germany
Published: 2023-03-06
Eprint: viXra:2205.09711v3 

The angular momentum of particles is the result of rotational waves, which are believed not to rotate in a classical sense. Therefore, the rotational wave properties of protons or nucleons, which should be comparable to De Broglie matter waves, have never been attributed to a wavelength, frequency or energy, but solely to their spin, which is a quantized property and probably does not reflect the true angular momentum as the product of radius and rotational impulse of a particle. Using data that originates from the hadron accelerator CERN in Switzerland, the true, not quantized velocity of the rotational wave of protons could be, however, measured. Thereby, its frequency is 2072.18 Hz, hence, it is unexpectedly low. Scientists from NIST, Colorado were even able to directly observe the nucleon rotation in a confined 9Be+ ion and to measure the oscillation frequency of the ion. The spike in the polarizability curve of protons at Q^2 = 0.33 GeV^2, published currently in the journal Nature, together with the rotational wave frequency obtained from CERN data, provides reliable evidence that this might be an interference in terms of superposition of the particle wave of the scattered electrons with the rotational wave of the protons at the same energy level, doubling the expected curve value, which, since there are no other possible explanations, proves the determined rotating wave velocity of protons.

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