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Why do masses bend spacetime?

Melissa B. Blau 

University of Tübingen, Tübingen 72076, Germany
Published: 2023-03-10
Eprint: viXra:2205.19711v5 

The energy-momentum tensor as the "source term" of gravity is not something that could be objectified or grasped in the microscopic or macroscopic range. In this paper we present a mass-immanent modality by which masses are able to generate gravity, namely the rapid rotation of proton waves. Protons are contained in every mass and due to the fact that they rotate fastly (2072.14 Hz) in a classical sence, as shown in a recent paper, attract masses that are within range of their oversized quantized radius. In the case of a proton, this quantized radius is more than 19 powers of ten larger than its actual radius, so that mvr ≥ h/4π (Heisenberg uncertainty principle) is fulfilled. However, this gravitational mechanism states that the gravitation is the sum of the proton gravitational fields, e.g. of the earth, whose mass, however, is by the mass defect smaller than indicated. Substracting the mass defect of the earth from 1.06% when calculating the moon mass, one gets the currently valid value for the moon mass. g is also dependent on local earth magnetic field values, as shown by Mandea et al. The mass of a body is determined by its weight mg using standard scales. The changes in the earth's magnetic field would therefore also have an impact on the weight of the original kilogram in Paris, whose weight has decreased by 50 micrograms for unknown reasons, since the magnetic field influences the nucleon rotation and thus also the gravitational constant and g, determined by ω^2r^3/m.

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